Daily Schedule & Tuition

Sample Daily Schedule and Tuition

NEW! RRPC in San Francisco (Sunset Dist.), CA: ♫♫ April 22-28, 2018 

2018 sessions of RRPC in Utica, NY: ♫♫ June 24-30 ♫♫ October 21-27 

9-11am – 1st piano shift
11-1pm – 2nd piano shift
1-2pm – lunch break
2-4pm – 1st piano shift
4-6pm – 2nd piano shift
6-8pm – Stretching exercises, dinner break
8pm – class/event/concert with RB or guest masters/artists

Tuition of US$725 includes:

♪ Five one-hour lessons with Rami.

♪ A master class, lecture, or concert performance in the evenings.

♪ Participation in the recital.

♪ Four hours of daily piano time.

♪ Refreshments.

♪ Fee does not include accommodations, breakfast, lunch, or dinner, though we do eat out together.

♪ Hotel/Motel/B&B accommodations, as well as plenty of restaurants are available in the vicinity.

♪ Auditors are welcome, $80 covers all but piano lessons.

♪ Part time participation is available, see Cadenzas & Preludes.

RRPC Op. 10 through Op. 20 had concerts by Elizabeth Remizowski, Nick German, the Amy Lyn Duo, Paul Peruzzi, Benita Rose, and Rami Bar-Niv. Master classes with Tina Toglia, Elizabeth Remizowski, Nick German, Paul Peruzzi, Carleton Boone, Benita Rose, Sar-Shalom Strong, and Rami Bar-Niv. Singing lessons with Anita Firman, Sharon Wagner, and Lindsay Andela.

RRPC Op. 9 had the opening night with a recital by Neil McKelvie. Master classes with Tina Toglia, Elizabeth Remizowski, and Rami Bar-Niv. Private singing lessons with Sharon Wagner. 

RRPC Op. 2, Evening Programs:
Mon 6/25 – organ demo with Bruce Smith at Grace Church.
Tues 6/26 – master class with Rami for 4 external youngsters.
Wed 6/27 – master class with Anita Humer, performance with Anita, Tina & Rami.
Thurs 6/28 – master class with Rami, performance with Heather Johnsen (clarinet) and Rami.
Fri 6/29 – master class with Tina Toglia, performance with Tina & Rami.
Sat 6/30 – RRPC recital

RRPC Op. 3, Evening Programs:
Sun 6/15 – master class with Rami for 4 external youngsters, performance with Tina Toglia & Rami.
Mon 6/16 – Recital by Elizabeth Remizowski at Stanly Theater lobby.
Tues 6/17 – master class with Rami, performance with singer Anita Firman and Rami.
Wed 6/18 – organ demo with Steve Best and his students at 1st Presb Church.
Thurs 6/19 – master class with Tina Toglia.
Fri 6/20 – master class with Zitta Zohar.
Sat 6/21 – RRPC recital.

RRPC Op. 4, Evening Programs included:

Getting together

Organ demo & master class with Steve Best

Master class with soprano Anita Firman

Two Master classes with Rami

Master class with pianist Sar-Shalom Strong

RRPC recital


 RRPC Op. 5, Evening Programs included: getting together and organ demo class with Heather Drumm,master classes with pianists Tina Toglia, Anita Humer and Rami Bar-Niv, RRPC recital.Participants also had private lessons from singer Anita Firman and clarinetist Heather Johnsen.


 RRPC Op. 6, 7, and 8 had an organ recital by Maria Rabbia, a piano recital by Nick German, master classes with Tina Toglia, Fiona Peters, and Rami Bar-Niv, private singing lessons with Anita Firman.



♪ The first “Rami’s Rhapsody Piano Camp” was held in Utica, NY in November 2006 and was a complete success.

♪ RRPC Op. 2 took place in Utica, NY in June 2007 and was yet another sound success.

♪ Op. 2a took place in Rotorua, New Zealand, September 2007, it was a blast.

♪ Op. 3 was in Utica, NY, June 2008, and was a real triumph.

♪ Op. 4 (Utica, NY, Oct 2008) was great and much fun.

♪ Op. 5 June ’09, Op. 6 Oct ’09, Op. 7 May ’10, Op. 8 Oct ’10, and Op. 9 May ’11 in Utica, NY, were according to participants the best ever.

♪ Op. 11 through op. 20: the fun continues with some new faces and great music!