Students Say

Students Say: Rami Bar-None

A great musician, composer, teacher and person!

Dazzling talent in a great person.

Unique genius.

Great performance and lessons.

Amazing pianist, great teacher.

Inspired and generous teacher.

Sharing his God given musicality.

His lessons changed my life.

As a teacher – a “10”, as an individual – an “11”.

Straight from the heart.

Uniquely talented and funny.

Terrific teacher, very talented, inspiring, a real concert virtuoso, fun, generous, energetic, sensitive, lovable, incredible musicianship, very humorous, spectacular, magical, exotic, gifted, grand piano player, great pianist, accomplished, unbelievable!, flamboyant, clever, on fire, macho, dynamic, makes Bach come alive, great hands, 70 home runs and counting, good, kind, funny humor, stupendous, versatile, very helpful.

I love this guy, awesome, very patient, excellent teacher, shares his deep well of creativity, solid, strong, intellectual, truly gives to students, darling man, super person, piano champion, exceptional musician and entertainer, powerful and impressive, terrific sense of humor.