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  1. Margie Feduck, a piano-camp participant wrote on her FB page on June 28:

    “I have just completed the Summer Camp for Adults in Utica with Rami Bar-Niv and cannot even begin to tell you all what an incredible teacher and pianist this man is. Patient, kind, demanding he teaches alongside the great. His performances were incredibly beautiful, and he left us in with deep emotion after the Bach Busoni Chorale. and he drew the best out of us all.
    We had so much fun, and revised and learned so much I will be back for another camp next year, would not miss it for anything. Thank you Rami and the organizers of this event.”

  2. 2014-10-27 Name: Tonia Herrin
    Comments: Hi, Rami! I do plan to order the fingering book. Very much enjoyed meeting you at Nancy’s … and thank you for sharing the improvisation with me! “Toni” … Tonia Herrin

    2014-07-03 Name: Theo F
    Country: USA
    Comments: Lovely music.

    2014-03-29 Name: Tonora
    Country: USA
    Comments: I am so enjoying your piano videos on Youtube. I hope I can attend camp this summer! Are spots available for June 2014? Thank you.

    2013-12-13 Name: Ollie Malone
    Country: USA
    Comments: Hello, Rami! It’s great to see you still doing great things musically. You and I met on Piano-L, back in the days before Facebook and all the rest of the stuff. I recall your mentioning that you were going to be doing your own piano camp and it’s great to see that this has happened. All the best to you in this venture. I know you’ll be great. I hope to join you at one of these great events in the near future.

    2013-05-26 Name: Henry Berman
    Country: USA
    Comments: Where can I purchase the sheet music version of the Shmateh-Rag for piano and solo instrument like the flute. Is that available anywhere? It is a GREAT piece. Thanks.

    2013-05-19 Name: Yacov Amir
    Comments: Is it possible to get the book in Israel?
    Comments: Reply to Yacov Amir. sorry, only saw your question now (Jan 22, 2014). Yes, please email me at

    2012-12-20 Name: Jude Brundage
    Comments: I’m so excited to get this book for my grand niece who is beginning piano lessons just this week.

    2012-07-09 Name: Joni Travis Whitehead
    Country: USA
    Comments: I am interested in your summer program for 2013. I like that you work with small groups and give 4 hours daily for individual practice.

    2012-02-23 Name: Alex Blakemore
    Comments: Hi Rami, I’m excitedly looking forward to studying your book. I remember from the few times I was fortunate enough to take a lesson from you that you have an amazing ability to find a fingering for a passage that I never would have considered, but that somehow makes the passage much easier to play comfortably, securely and with good technique. Sometimes technical problems melt away once you start with a natural fingering. Congratulations on completing the book; now you can start on the companion DVD 🙂 Best, Alex

    2012-02-16 Name: Elvania Caram
    Comments: Hi Rami, Your first book on fingering, sound very good. Congratulatios! Give me another way to buy it because I can’t order the book from here! Regards, Elvania Caram-Brazil

    2012-02-15 Name: Gary Haskins
    Comments: Hi Rami, Congratulations on your first book. Hopefully you will write more. All the best, Gary

    2012-02-13 Name: Andi Bar-Niv aka Wife
    Comments: Wishing you all the success in the world with your first book! Love. Andi

    2011-01-19 Name: elvania costa caram
    Country: Brazil
    Comments: Hi Rami, your new site looks good. My best wishes of luck and success! Between, my best regards. Love, Elvania

    2011-01-05 Name: Heather Guldenschuh
    Country: USA
    Comments: I love it and love making cookies for it

    2008-08-02 Name: Telly Ohana

    2008-06-11 Name: ya
    Comments: that good

    2008-02-01 Name: Bill Firestone
    Comments: Hi Rami, Glad I found your web site. Looks good. Bill

    2007-06-03 Name: George F. Litterst
    Comments: Nice site, Rami! I enjoy your posts on the various email lists. Regards, George

    2007-05-12 Name: Jayne
    Comments: Sorry, it doesn’t work out. I really wanted to join this amazing sounding camp, but other things have to come first. Good luck

    2007-05-09 Name: Stan Williams
    Comments: are you in Utica or Clinton? Are spaces available for either of the umcoming camps? Do you specialize in any type of music? thanks.

    2007-03-10 Name: David Lee
    Comments: An amazing artist and a true friend

    2007-03-10 Name: Christie
    Comments: Your site is great, and the camp looks and sounds outstanding. All best wishes, dark chocolate, red wine, and a big hug!

    2006-12-29 Name: Don Johnston
    Comments: Just took a look at the info about your music camp and whatever else I can see about you on the web. Good job!

    2006-12-12 Comments: wow what an amazing experience

    2006-12-06 Name: Jude Brundage
    Comments: Hi Tootsie!! P2P……

    2006-11-30 Name: Andi
    Comments: Wishing you all the success you deserve in your new venture.

    2006-11-29 Name: Yair Barniv
    Comments: Looking good!!!!!!!!!!!

    2006-11-29 Name: Diane Kauders
    Comments: Much luck with your venture. It sounds terrific.